62nd Annual GSDDS Meeting
June 2-4, 2017
The Cloister at Sea Island

Call for Dermatopathology Cases

The GSDDS Program Committee is calling for interesting dermatopathology cases suitable for presentation at the annual GSDDS CME Meeting June 2-4, 2017 at The Cloister at Sea Island. Such cases should possess valuable teaching quality and excellent clinicopathological correlation. Up to 6 cases will be selected for presentation as a collection on Sunday, June 4. Session Learning Objectives
  1. Recognize the clinical presentation and histologic features of the cases presented
  2. Be aware of diseases / disorders associated with the cases presented
  3. Have a basic understanding of the treatment and clinical course of the cases presented
  • Current members of the GSDDS (in good standing) who are board-certified in dermatopathology are eligible to submit cases for presentation.
  • Each case presentation should be 4-5 minutes long. There will be a 10 min at the end of the presentations for Q&A of all the presenters together.
  • When you submit your case, please act under the assumption that your submission will be accepted and plan to attend. You will be informed if your case is NOT accepted. If you have any questions regarding this call or the meeting in general, please contact Maryann McGrail at maryann@theassociationcompany.com.
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NOTE: You may submit more than once case, but please, only one case per form.

All Abstracts must be submitted by April 17, 2017.

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