GSDDS Administrative Regulations

A new member applicant should submit to the Secretary-Treasurer:

  • an updated curriculum v tae
  • two letters of recommendation from current regular members
  • a check for the amount of the current dues

The applicant is encouraged to attend the annual meeting at which the application shall be voted upon.

Keynote speakers will receive $2000 honorarium, PLUS up to 3 nights accommodations, travel expenses and meals.

Other invited speakers will receive $1500 honorarium, PLUS 1 night accommodations, travel expenses and meals.

The annual dues are $200.00. They are due by March 30.

Dues paid after April will be $275.00.

Dues paid after May 1 will be $350.00.

Members who have not paid dues by June 1 will be dropped from the roster.

The Society will reimburse reasonable costs for attending meetings unless the meeting coincides with the American Academy of Dermatology annual meeting.


The Resident Member Representative of the Executive Committee shall be a 2nd or 3rd year resident appointed by the Executive Committee at the time elections take place. The Resident Member Representative shall rotate each year between the two dermatology schools, Emory and Medical College of Georgia.

Admin Regulations last amended October 2, 2015.