Physician Advocacy

Ways to Get Involved
Getting involved in state and local government is another way for dermatologists to care for patients and the community. Physician advocacy is a highly effective way to affect change in the issues important to your patients and practice. Who better to share experiences and expert viewpoints to help legislators better understand the impact of proposed policies? It doesn't take a major time commitment to be an effective advocate. Despite busy schedules, there is a lot that physicians can do to shape the future of medicine.

Tips for Communicating with Legislators

Get to Know Your Legislators
Take advantage of opportunities to meet your legislators. Attend town hall meetings, fundraising events, or other civic activities. At GSD events, there are usually opportunities to meet one or more Georgia legislators. Though these individuals may or may not represent your district, they are friends of medicine and key players in the issues facing dermatology.

Offer Your Opinion
Write or call your legislators. Some legislators consider receiving comments from as few as a dozen constituents an overwhelming response to an issue. See Tips for Communicating with Legislators.

Stay Informed
The most focused and relevant sources of information about policy issues that affect you and your patients will come from the professional associations to which you belong. The Georgia Society of Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery is very active in the Georgia General Assembly and sends regular updates and alerts to members. These updates are sent electronically via Email. They describe the current posture of active bills, key legislators involved with each bill, and what actions from physicians will be the most effective.