62nd Annual GSDDS Meeting
June 2-4, 2017
The Cloister at Sea Island

Meeting Description
The Annual Meeting of the Georgia Society of Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery is an activity designed for Dermatologists, Dermatologic Surgeons, Dermatopathologists and other interested healthcare providers. The activity is presented in a live medium format, using didactic, case based and interactive instructional methods. The purpose is to provide the latest advancements in diagnosis and treatment, and medical issues important to the evolving practice of dermatology, with a specific concentration on the most advanced medical and surgical treatment options within the various dermatologic specialties.

  • Live Demo session
  • Breakfast and Pearls from the Masters
  • MOC Self Assessment Session
  • 15 hours of CME!
We're comin' home!
After so many consecutive years at the Cloister, the GSDDS hasn't been back to the Cloister since 2008 so we're thrilled to be back in 2017! Visit http://www.seaisland.com/ to see all that they have to offer!